When someone has passed away we can help you cope with some of the important decisions. We understand that this can be a difficult time and the prospect of handling the Probate process can appear daunting.

For this reason we provide a free initial, no obligation meeting to discuss the practical and legal steps to be taken.

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We also work on Fixed Fees

Clients tell us that they prefer fixed fees to hourly rates, or a percentage of the estate value, which is
how most law firms and banks operate.

The advantages of fixed fees are:-

- You don't have to worry about unexpected costs
- You can budget accurately
- We can spend as much time as you require without any extra cost
- We offer three levels of Probate service:-

(a) Probate ONLY
We will help you obtain a Grant of Probate for a fixed fee. This only applies to small and non taxable Estates where you provide us with the financial information.

(b) Probate PLUS
Some people have enough time to administer an Estate themselves and if you would like to do so we can help and support you along the way with advice and assistance with the complicated aspects such as completing the tax forms, obtaining the Probate.

(c) Probate COMPLETE
We will undertake all the steps required for a fixed fee agreed with you at the outset. It is likely that not only could we save the Estate tax but also reduce delays. Administering an Estate can be very time consuming and many people find this to be a daunting task. We are here to help.


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