Our people.

Michael Spiller

Facilities Manager

Email: michael.spiller@awdry.law
Telephone: 01380 722311
Office: Devizes

About Michael 

I manage the Facilities handle of the firm, overseeing Health and Safety aspects across all sites, procedural operations, staffing requirements/needs and many of the external business partnerships that we have in place. I have been working with the firm for several years now and along with previous employment within Sales and Account Management feel that I have built extensive experience with client-relations/service, training and operational management.

I see my client base predominantly as the members of our firm themselves.  I pride myself on being available for all personal, regardless of their position or working parameters.  I strive towards maintaining and improving not only the environment in which our staff work, but also the atmosphere in which they spend their time.  I would like to think that people see me as honest, approachable and fair.

Examples of work:

In addition to overseeing the basic operational, daily running of the firm, it is my responsibility to seek business improvements and potential opportunities that could improve both the logistics and financial expenditure of the firms operations. 

Three things people don't know about you:

  • As a teenager, I had a summer job working at Longleat safari park, working with a variety of animals.  I have been licked by a Giraffe and even chased briefly by an Ostrich!
  • I am an avid outdoorsman and feel very much at home in either a tent or up a hill on a windy day. 
  • I am a keen sports fan, enjoying both watching a participating wherever possible

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