"We intend to separate, and need advice as to how we can best support our children – please help."

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When a couple decide to separate, their main concern is what to do about the children. No matter what has happened in your relationship, you both still love your children and want to try and minimise the impact on them.

We totally understand that every family is different as are every set of circumstances. When considering what is best, it’s not all about Court with it’s proceedings and processes. There is lots of media attention referencing Court delay and time being wasted and we appreciate that this will simply add to your concern and worry. To reassure you, Court is often the last resort and there are alternatives.

We start with discussing and considering realistic options and the promotion of communication. We are here for you, and can advise on likely outcomes and focus on the things that matter.

We also appreciate that timing is important as you may feel uncomfortable speaking to the other parent on your own. Talking can really help and we can meet with you and your partner (and their lawyer) to discuss the issues and help resolve matters. We can also discuss how you will tell the children and how best to address difficult questions.

We want to support you in reaching a constructive agreement without Court involvement. The agreement can then provide a positive and workable solution for you and your children.

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Carol Dawe

Solicitor, Family Law

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