Separation and divorce in the new year

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Separation or divorce in the new year…

The new year is a time where many make resolutions about their future and changes they wish to make in their lives. For some this could be exercising, taking up a new hobby or a career led goal. For some, it can bring thoughts surrounding the ending of a relationship. This can be a particularly upsetting period and we are here to support and guide you through the process, whatever stage you may be at.  

Couples separate for all sorts of reasons and a relationship breakdown is very personal. Below are real life situations our clients find themselves in:

  • The children are grown up and we don’t have anything in common anymore
  • We want different things
  • We are at different stages in our lives
  • We are different people now to when we met
  • We don’t socialise together and share common interests like we used to
  • We on’t really talk about things anymore
  • It is like living with a friend or roommate

Thinking about separating and actually separating can be difficult. There are often lots of things to sort out and where to start can be overwhelming. We can help and provide you with advice about the different options available to you and your family.

We want to enable you to make informed decisions about what is best for you to do and first steps.  We can advise you in respect of matters concerning your children as often things can become complicated.  It is about knowing where to start and what to focus upon and we can help with this.

Most of our clients are worried about what will happen financially, and the most common questions are:

  • What will happen to the jointly owned house?
  • How will I manage my income needs and daily expenditure?
  • What happens to pensions?
  • What happens to the money in the bank or shares?

Again, we can help you with all of those things.

There will be difficult decisions that have to be made throughout the separation and divorce process.  It can be really daunting but we will help you to make clear, informed choices. We will keep your best interests and your children’s best interests at the forefront of everything we do.  We will provide you with sensible and practical advice to help you achieve an outcome that enables your family to move on from this difficult time and make a fresh start.

You can arrange a face-to-face meeting at any of our offices or if you prefer, a video or telephone appointment.  We will provide you with jargon free advice and offer a no obligation initial appointment.

If appropriate and you are able to communicate with your partner, it may be appropriate for you to divorce and resolve financial and children issues together.  Our team can assist you and are trained using the Resolution Together Model. We can see you both and advise and assist you in reaching an outcome suitable for your family. Click here to find out more about this approach.

Contact your local office today to arrange a free consultation with one of our friendly Family Law team.

With offices in Chippenham, Devizes, Royal Wootton Bassett, Marlborough and Swindon; we listen, we care, we are here for you.

Carol Dawe

Solicitor, Family Law

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