Pets and Relationships- is a Pet-nup a thing?

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The decision to get a pet is not taken lightly and acknowledges a long-term commitment within your relationship. Putting to one side the joy and excitement having a pet can bring, little thought is given about what happens to the family pet if the relationship breaks down. Currently pets are considered as items of property, which grossly reduces the significant impact a pet can have on the family.

During and following the pandemic, the cost of buying a family pet has soared. Taking into consideration the cost, both financially and emotionally, have you thought of a pet-nup? While this sounds odd, the benefit is that conflict in the event of separation, could be reduced or avoided. If this sounds like something which would work for you, discuss the following with your partner: 

  • Who will your pet live with if you separate?
  • If neither party can care for your pet what alternatives should be considered?
  • What financial contribution will you want if you keep your pet ?
  • What arrangements for contact would be fair?
  • If your pet is to be used for breeding how should the cost of breeding be shared?
  • And, if this were the case who should benefit from the sale of any offspring?

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Jacky Hubbard

Family Law Practitioner

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