New parenting course launched by CAFCASS

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A new parenting course has been launched, for couples involved in Court Proceedings, to help resolve difficulties surrounding childcare arrangements.   The new course seeks to reduce litigation and minimize the impact of litigation on children.

The course will comprise three modules which will aim to help parents understand the Court process, how to engage and understand the issues from a child’s point of view, together with group workshops. These will enable parties to discuss the impact of conflict on children, how to communicate in a positive way, and consideration of a parenting plan to help with arrangements.

The impact of parental conflict on children is widely acknowledged and all steps should be taken to try to resolve childcare arrangements away from the Court forum. At Awdry Law we adopt a non-adversarial approach and seek to help you reach an agreement which works for your family. If you would like our help please click here contact one of our Family Team who will arrange your free, initial consultation.

Jacky Hubbard

Family Law Practitioner

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