How to get the best out of your initial family law meeting…

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Our Family Team offer an initial free appointment in order to help you with relationship planning whether by way of a cohabitation agreement, pre-nuptial agreement, and childcare arrangements or in respect of relationship breakdown to include issues relating to separation, finances and children.

Our Family Team appreciate that any meeting can be daunting and that clients are often unsure about what to expect and what to bring to the appointment. It might help to make notes and bring questions with you in respect of issues which are concerning you for example, how to protect capital you are putting into your home, how to protect your children’s inheritance if you want to re-marry, whether you can stay in the family home, and how to share the care of the children.

If you are seeking advice about financial matters, it is helpful if you can bring some basic financial information with you such as the value of any property, amount of the mortgage outstanding, and details of other capital assets you hold.

If considering childcare arrangements, then you may wish to consider what you would like to happen in respect of the children and how you can facilitate this. You can also have a look at a parenting plan to provide a starting point.

If you would like to see one of our Family Team then click here to contact us at any of our offices to arrange an appointment.

Jacky Hubbard

Family Law Practitioner

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