Grandparents - the impact of relationship breakdown

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Today, more than ever, grandparents fill a large role within families for example by way of childcare. This in turn means that they build up a strong bond with their grandchildren.

It is recognized that the breakdown of this bond, following separation by parents, can have a devastating effect on both the grandparents and their grandchildren.  Children, within any relationship breakdown, will be overwhelmed by emotion and concerns while seeking to process their parents’ separating and the impact on the family.

Grandparent engagement at this difficult time can be invaluable, and also provides children with the  stability of an established routine in a safe, and neutral environment.

In order to maintain the routine, it is important to ensure that contact is maintained. Grandparents will also need to adopt a neutral role when engaging with parents.

We appreciate, in some cases, that despite best efforts, contact between grandparents and grandchildren can often be impacted.  If you have been affected as a result of separation  which has impacted on your involvement with your grandchildren then click here to contact one of our Family Team in Devizes, Chippenham, Marlborough, Royal Wootton Bassett or Swindon for advice and assistance.

Jacky Hubbard

Family Law Practitioner

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