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Have you heard that we have an Awdry Law App? We are delighted to have developed our own App, specifically for conveyancing clients, that helps us to deliver a straightforward and seamless experience when it comes to buying or selling your home.

Here are the answers to some of the FAQs about our new App:

What are the benefits of the App?

- Clients have 24/7 access to their case
- View a personalised ‘to-do’ list created by your lawyer
- See case progression and milestones on a timeline
- Fill out forms and complete them through the App. No paper required!
- Upload or scan documents from your phone, tablet or computer
- Send secure messages/documents to your lawyer
- Certify your ID remotely, no need to visit our offices
- Receive notifications directly to your phone

Is the App free?

It certainly is!

How long do I need to keep the App?

We’d advise you to keep hold of the app ongoing, as it acts as an archive for all your documentation, some of which you may need access to after your matter has closed.

Is the App secure?

Yes. We work hard to make sure all our means of communication are as secure as possible, not only that but the App has a number of secure features built in to protect you, including biometric login and data encryption.

What types of files can I upload to the App? 

You can upload JPEGs, pdfs and .doc files to share information with the lawyer working on your case.

Do I still need to visit your offices? 

That’s totally up to you. We love seeing our clients face to face, but we appreciate that might not always be possible.  That’s why our App allows you to do everything remotely, safe in the knowledge that our lawyers are always here to support you in person, via the phone or by email. 

Is the App purely for Conveyancing clients only? 

At this stage it is, however, we are working on functionality to allow us to broaden these services to all relevant departments, so watch this space!

Sound good? Then visit the App store or Google Play download it today and we’ll get you moving!

If you have any further questions about the App, we would be more than happy to answer them so please do get in touch. 

Alistair Everett

Partner and Head of Conveyancing

Contact a member of the team  

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